Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care

We at Drishti Diabetes Care are known as the best Diabetes Center and our team of highly experienced doctors offers the best diabetes treatment depending on the type of diabetes.

Lab Tests And Diagnostics

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Type 1 Diabetes Care

Managing type 1 diabetes and living healthfully can present a difficult challenge to both those who have it and the people who care for them.

Essential diabetes health checks

The following health checks are ones which all people with diabetes should receive once a year.

Blood glucose control check – HbA1c test
This may be carried out either via a blood sample taken from your arm, or if it is the only blood check, via a finger prick test.
HbA1c test
Blood lipid check – cholesterol test. This test requires a blood sample from your arm.
Cholesterol screening
Blood samples will usually require you to arrange for the blood test to be taken at least a couple of weeks before your annual diabetic care review. Check with your health team if you need more information about the process.
Kidney function check
Two different tests are carried out to check for kidney problems. For the first check, a urine sample is needed. Ideally you should bring your urine sample with you to your diabetic care review. The urine test looks for the presence of protein in the urine. No protein in the urine is a good sign. The second check is done via a blood sample which checks the glomerular filtration rate of the kidneys; in other words, how well the kidneys are functioning.